The family had been chatting happily when it occurred to the young lady to ask a question vaguely related to the conversation. She looked at her father, smiled, in a very mischevious fashion. “Dad?” she asked, “have you ever been kissed by a man?” He raised his eyebrows and stared at the ceiling for a brief moment while he thought about the question. He turned to his daughter and, with a look of total innocence, replied. “As a matter of fact I have been kissed by four men.” the mans family treated him to a, collective, dubious gaze. He ignored them and continued his explanation with a rather blank expression. “First there was my father and secondly your brother,” he said, looking at his daughter. “Then of course there was your husband who kissed me on the forehead for a laugh.” At this point his expression changed to one of resignation. “And of course I was kissed on the cheek by a docker.” There was a short pause while everyone absorbed this snippet of information. They laughed and paused again waiting for him to continue his explanation. The man held his hands palms up and said, “I agreed to pay him for a job that both of us knew he hadn’t really done.” He smiled. “I believe it made him very happy.” The family laughed, the man grinned and his daughter patted him on his bald head.

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