Loo Roll Eating Monsters

Sorry if I offended Blue. But although blue Monster is convinced that he has never been so insulted, I am sure he must have been.

I am concerned about Green Monster as he seems to he having a hard time, but Red and I will do our best to cheer him uip.

Oh, dear Green, I dont think you should read this weeks little story, but the rest of you can. Behold the Loo Roll Eating Monster. Enjoy.

Writing about embarrasing situations can produce some interesting results – why don’t you try it?

Loo Roll Eating Monsters

Many, if not most, people regard it as an unsubstantiated legand or just a figment of an over-active imagination.

However, the unfortunate victims of the unprovoked ‘attacks’ of the “the beast” are often permantly scarred, mentally at least, and have a very different opion of the loo roll eating monster.

Even the mention of its name brings on a bout of terror-driven shuddering.

It’s bad enough at home when you are seated comfortably after a heavy session and you reach for the loo roll which you know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, is on the holder – and find nothing.. But it’s nothing to panic about as you know there is always a replacement one, often hidden beneath a soppy doll in knitted crinolin. You reach for it and find the loo roll eating monster has got there before you.

Now is the time to panic.

But as bad as that situation is, it is nowhere near as bad as being trapped in a superloo with no hint of paper in the dispenser. Well, you can imagine the frantic searching of the pockets in the hope of finding a few tissues, or indeed any piece of paper other than the dirty and crumpeled five pound note in your wallet, before the door automatically unlocks.

Yes, I am afraid, that the legendary loo roll eating monster is alive and still has an utterly insatiable appetite.

Posted: Wednesday, April 8th, 2009 @ 12:14 pm
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