Eyeball Lights

I’m most pleased that the other monsters have calmed down a little and are touching the real problem of human beings and their journey into the world of litrature.

In the meantime, see what you think of this halloween tale. You might want to write something yourself based on the concept of novelty lights.

Eyeball Lights

The old man entered his daughter’s house and stood for a moment or two while he examined the halloween decorations. He paused and looked at a string of eyeballs hanging across a bookcase. They appeared dull and lifeless.

His daughter greeted him in her usual warm and friendly manner. “Hello, Dad! The kettle’s on for your coffee and I’d love a cup of tea, while you’re making it. Afterwards there’s a couple of little jobs for you…’ He shuffled off to the kitchen with a resigned, and slightly crooked, smile.

As they sipped their beverages, she detailed the jobs. The first, and most important, was a little weeding, and the second was to put new batteries in some of the decorations.

After an hour of cold and discomfort in the garden he came in and, after locating the batteries, he started to work on the decorations.

He worked his way through an assortment of skulls, pumpkins and tombstones until he reached the last item. It was the string of eyeballs. He replaced the batteries and after a little adjustment and more than a little jiggling succeeded in getting them to light up. However, as usual, one was just a little tardy and occassionally flicked off for a moment.

He eventually gave up and left it flickering even though he was left with an uneasy feeling that it was winking at him.

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