Fairy Bubbles

Oh dear, it seems I have inadvertently upset Blue. However, I feel that it is my duty to take him to task for upsetting Green, who is doing a Stirling job with his reviewing caper. Well done Green, I say. Keep up the good work and perhaps my pal Blue will err mellow.

But for everybody else I am forever blowing bubbles and that is the subject of today’s writing exercise – I want to see a full A4 page of writing from each of you – well maybe.

Fairy Bubbles

It was a little girl’s third birthday and after the excitement of opening the parcels containing new toys and the inevitable clothes she pawed at the last package.

With a little assistance from her mother she finally reached the prize within. After she had opened the box she sat on the floor and studied the four plastic fairies, each one a different colour. Mummy watched her closely before telling her that they were bottles of bubble mixture.

The child jumped up and down excitedly asking for bubbles. Mummy obliged and blew streams of small bubbles with a few large ones mixed in. The girl was given the bottle and preceded to blow an odd bubble occasionally while dripping vast amounts of bubble mixture on the floor, toys and herself.

Before it got too bad her grandfather took over and blew an assortment of bubbles and managed to drip only a small amount on the floor and himself.

There was a huge amount of fun and laughter as they watched the girl standing inside a cloud of bubbles and trying to burst them before they reached the floor.

The adults took turns to blow bubbles until it was time to stop and eat.

It was much latter when the adults had to crawl on their hands and knees to clear the spilt bubble mix. Most agreed it was worth the trouble.

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