Rabbit Epidemic

Blue, Blue, Blue, you really must learn to relax and go with the flow.

Try to ignore Red’s rather barbed comment about passive aggressive stirring and ease into the literary current that surrounds us all. You know it makes sense Buddy.

It’s now time for the rest of us to focus on those fluffy little quadrupeds that people call rabbits. Write about them for 15 minutes.

Rabbit Epidemic

The old man saw three or four rabbits scampering madly away from his headlights. He eased his foot from the accelerator pedal and gently cursed himself for being a soft old fool.

He was driving in a village in Gloucestershire, as he did each week. The rabbits were usually lurking somewhere in the road in that particular location.

The trouble with rabbits, he thought, is that they are cute and furry and cuddly and most people have no idea just how much damage the creatures were capable of inflicting on the countryside.

He was old enough to remember the years before myxomatosis. When, while travelling through the countryside, he could see fields with two or three hundred of the rascals.

During his holidays camping in Devon or Somerset, he recalled creeping into an adjacent field with his torch and disturbing countless numbers of the pests which ran in panic, their tails flashing the light fur on the underside with each frantic hop.

He also recalled numerous holes in every hedgerow and bank. Walking in the woods was fraught with the danger of stepping into one, and many horses were put down after breaking a leg.

He wondered just how long it would take the rabbits to reach the tens of millions that there had been before myxomatosis.

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