Toy Solder Casualties

Monster, Oh, Monster. Cool it, Blue, and listen to Red. I was attempting to be pleasant but if you really find the phrase “dude” offensive I will engender not to use it in connection with yourself in future, matey.

In the meantime folks, see what you think of this literary effort; and you might want to dwell on some childhood toy in order to write today.

Toy Solder Casualties

In the 1950’s there were two kinds of toy soldier. One was the traditional hollow metal figure and the second was the more modern and finely detailed plastic figure. But the normal consideration when collecting soldiers as a child was cost. Plastic was a lot cheaper and considerably more life-like. Usually a better selection, too.

Strangely the casualty rate for plastic soldiers was approximately the same percentage as metal ones. This was because while metal soldiers if dropped onto concrete paths tend to lose bits like guns or heads and their plastic counter parts just bounce. There seems to have been a tendency for children to use their teeth to test the strength of guns, swords and bases. Their teeth always won.

So it was more or less twenty years before people found the main problem with plastic. It becomes brittle. So when the collector opens the box to examine his soldiers he finds that while his metal figures are roughly the same as ever the plastic ones have started to lose various bits of weapons and body parts at an alarming rate.

The moral here is if you are going to collect toy soldiers make sure they are made entirely of metal.

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