Hot Curries

Happiness is Blue and Red Monsters engaged in witty repartee.

However it is time for you to consider ‘Hot Curries’.

Hot Curries

Hot curries are a spicy traditional dish in many countries and are enjoyed by many millions of people who have for countless generations eaten vast quantities of different types, with many and varied levels of heat.

Some people however live in fear and trepidation of a form of sustenance which feels, to them at least, as if the skin has been torn from the roof of their mouth with a really hot wire brush. It also leaves their pallet singed and incapable of appreciating any flavours or indeed textures. It also creates a desire for ice cream and cold drinks.

For these people statements like, ‘I have prepared a nice curry for you,’ are like a long detention on Devil’s Island. That’s right, something to be avoided like the plague.

Fortunately for them they usually manage to avoid situations like that and if they can’t avoid it, they provide a certain amount of amusement for all the curry lovers at the table.

We will not even mention chilli-con-carne – oops it seems we have.

Posted: Wednesday, February 11th, 2009 @ 10:15 pm
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