Building the Fire

A happy outcome at last. Blue and Green are buddies, Red will be happy, the world is at one with itself and I really feel quite mellow.

In this smooth mood let us peruse ‘Building the Fire’.

Building the Fire

Building the fire, that’s easy – I often hear this sweeping statement. Always from people who never have any problem at all lighting fires.

I, on the other hand, have found that on the odd occasion it is almost impossible to get the ratty thing to ignite.

Poor old thing that I am, I carefully build the bonfire with paper and cardboard in the base, twigs and small sticks piles around it with bits of branches and scrap wood on top –perfect – apply the match and watch as the paper blazes brightly before going out and leaving just two or three twigs with a dull glow.

I dismantle the fire and start again. Maybe twice or three times before I get a bit cross and soak the whole thing in flammable liquid. Then the match is applied and after a quick check to make sure I still have eyebrows I stand back and enjoy the blaze.

However if you think that is bad then imagine how much more trouble it is to light a coal fire inside one of those pretty enclosed cast iron jobs.

On second thoughts don’t bother. It gives me a headache.

Posted: Wednesday, February 4th, 2009 @ 10:11 pm
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