A Tale of Snowmen

Blue Monster, relax my friend, it’s not the end of the world. Just because a Revue Monster is in the wings there’s no reason to get upset. While I see your point of view I think you should try to see mine. He may give all of us a positive and beneficial review.

Let’s see how he gets along with this week’s offering, ‘A Tale of Snowmen’.

A Tale of Snowmen

It was winter in Hornchurch, Essex. Hornchurch is now in the Greater London Borough of Havering. A great pity that the evil ones responsible didn’t bother to consult the residence first.

But enough of politics, we shall continue with the tale.

It had snowed and the young brother and sister wanted to build a snowman in the front garden. They began by trying to scrape together the snow on the lawn. It was difficult and after some time they had achieved only a small heap.

Then the front door opened and the well meaning but sadly long suffering father stepped out, just to see how they were getting along.

‘Dad,’ said the girl, after exchanging a brief look with her brother, ‘we haven’t got enough snow.’

‘Ah,’ said the father, ‘there is plenty around on the waste ground behind the houses.’ He pointed to the house at the end of the road.

‘How can we get it?’ said the boy.

‘You have a sledge,’ replied the father.

‘They tried but there is a limit to the amount of snow two children can load into a red plastic sledge and tow back. They finally resorted to asking their dad if he could help.

At last the dad, clad in coat, woolly hat and gloves, came out with a resigned expression, grabbed an empty plastic bin which he placed in the sledge and made his way behind the houses. He kept up a more or less one sided conversation with his children as he filled the bin with virgin snow dug from the small snowdrift. Of course he was the one who had to tow it back.

Back in the garden the dustbin was tipped upside down and a bin sized column of snow was deposited in the centre, more or less.

The children spent some time applying snow to the top of the column before they placed the head on top. They used stones for the eyes.

They spent the next few days collecting snow in the sledge and creating smaller snowmen as well as fattening up the larger one. Then they asked their father if he would help to build a taller snowman. He was of the opinion that it might not work too well, but agreed to try.

To build a bigger snowman required the dad to put one bin full of snow in the garden and then collect another one which he placed on the top of the first. He also got the job of placing the large snowball on top for the head. Then he slipped quietly indoors for a hot coffee and a biscuit or two. After all was said and done the snowman was taller than him…

To be continued next week as it is getting a bit long!

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