A Box of Lights

Sadly I foresee problems ahead. Red is encouraging Green Monster to write and Blue has declared that there should be a limit to the number of monsters who should be allowed to write a blog.

It seems we may be living in turbulent times.

A box of lights

I must confess that I do not recall the content of the statement that caused me to say that my daughter was as daft as a box of lights. Probably because it was so silly that I dismissed it from my thoughts instantly.

However, that simple and much used phrase caused her husband to state, with a deadpan expression and innocent eyes, “There’s nothing daft about a box of lights.”

I smiled kindly at him and explained that if you put lights in a box you can’t use them to light your way in the dark. Therefore a box of lights is daft.

He countered by explaining that the only way to transport lights safely is in a box.

I replied that if they are in a box you can’t use them.

He said the best way to store lights was in a box.

I said if they are in a box you won’t get any light.

He said if they are being stored you don’t need to use them.

He said if you want to carry them about you should always put them in a box.

All of this was a couple of years ago but if I say someone or something is as daft as a box of light the conversation carries on and on.

Posted: Wednesday, January 7th, 2009 @ 10:22 am
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