The Wax Beehive

Poor old Blue. He doesn’t seem to understand that we all really enjoy his work. Deep down.

Take yesterday’s masterpiece of literary genius. Profound, that’s what I call it. As Blue says, perhaps we should all try it.

For today’s writing topic find some strange or unusual object in your house that is shorter than 7cm spend 5 minutes just jotting down ideas about the object, what it looks like, how it smells etc… And then spend 10 minutes writing non-stop about it. Do not worry overly about spelling and grammar as you can edit that later, the important thing is to just keep the pen moving.

Wax Bee Hives

I was staying with my daughter when she made a statement that caused me what is commonly referred to as a double take.

“Hey dad, Al’s aunt bought Jean a wax beehive.”

As you can imagine I was a little taken aback. My thought process clicked into overdrive, then switched on the super charger.

I knew my daughter was thinking about becoming a beekeeper, but Jean was only two and a half. But hold on, beehives aren’t made of wax. Well they’re not, are they?

If they were then the bees would make them themselves. But how weather proof would such a hive be and how would you get the honeycomb out – and surely beehives are made of wood? Of course it can’t be real or it would melt on a hot summer’s day. If we ever get one.

One or two more ridiculous thoughts roared through my brain. Rather like: how thick would the walls and floor have to be? All these thoughts plus a few more were neatly squeezed into 1.24 seconds.

I closed my mouth quickly and tried not to look surprised when she held up the three centimetre tall candle, shaped like a domed beehive, with a small amber coloured plastic bee attached to the side. It was made of beeswax of course.

“That’s really nice,” I muttered guiltily.

My daughter stared at me in a puzzled fashion. “You didn’t think it was a full sized one with real bees did you?” she asked.

“Absolutely not,” I replied innocently, “just how silly do you think I am?”

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