Pink Fluffy Dice

I am sad that Blue Monster thinks that Red Monster and I are ganging against him. So I thought I should say something nice about his story.

It’s really enjoyable and even more interesting. If you like being depressed.

Red Monster’s appreciation of the dangers posed by supposedly inanimate objects makes compelling reading.

I wonder what Blue will have to say about pink fluffy dice and their place in a civilized society, talking of which that is this weeks writing stimuli.

Pink Fluffy Dice

A careworn, hard-done-by old father and his daughter, who was a bit chirpy, were crossing a car park on their way back to his car. He paused in front of a lime green car that was pretending to be a mini.

“Ye gods!” he muttered in a disgusted tone of voice, “Look at that!”

The girl glanced at the car, “Oooh look it’s got pink fluffy dice.”

The man’s shoulders sagged a little and he shook his head sadly. “Good grief,” he croaked, “as if it wasn’t bad enough that a vehicle the size of a pantechnican has mini written on it and is painted the colour of a bramley apple, some…” he searched for a suitable word to describe the owner. Then he raised his hands in a gesture of defeat, “…person,” he spat the word, “has hung pink fluffy dice from the mirror.”

“I think they’re cute,” said his daughter with a grin.

“Cute?” he snarled, “Who in their right mind would hang dopey looking fluffy dice on their rear view mirror? Especially pink ones. The only thing they’re good for is hiding innocent pedestrians on pedestrian crossings from hit and run drivers.”

“But they’re fluffy,” said the daughter with a bigger grin, “There’s no harm in them is there?”

The man paused for a moment, as if momentarily lost for words. Then with a superior sniff he straightened his shoulders and announced, “It’s an MOT failure.”

The girl opened her mouth and then closed it. She shook her head as if to clear her thoughts. “Are you sure?” she asked with a hint of disbelief in her voice.

The father stared back with his annoyingly superior expression. “Absolutely,” he confirmed. Then with a touch of doubt in his voice, “At least it was where I took my car for testing.”

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  1. Blue Monster » Blog Archive » Spirally Shells Says:

    […] Yellow Monster has finally seen the error of his ways and has pronounced my stories excellent! He even mentioned the word depressed which as a Blue Monster makes me happy! It is, after all, just another word for being blue is it not? […]

  2. Loose Baby Weight Says:

    Nice article. I’ll definitely be back. All the best, Leonardo

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