“I think we shall go to Sevenoaks today,” the dad said.The boy, whom this tale is about, grinned happily,for he knew he would walk in the forest and around the lake. If he could find a stick he would poke ferns and behead stinging nettles. Mum, dad and small boy packed drinks and sandwiches in a bag and climbed in to the car. After an uneventful journey they arrived at the forest. Dad parked in the car park, which was a patch of dirt with no bushes, grass or trees. The family wandered happily among the trees, gazed in awe at the gleaming surface of the lake, decapitated the odd stinging nettle and returned to their horseless carriage for sandwiches and tea. When he had finished his lunch the young boy looked about him and discovered a dead tree barely two metres, or in the parlance of the day a bit over six feet, distant. In it’s day the tree had grown a metre, that is a tad over three feet or yard, above the car park. This was at the edge of the forest and verily he desired to scale the dizzy heights of this example of fauna. He informed his parents of his intention and slipped off to find a path up to the tree of destiny. It took him only a minute to reach his goal. He gazed at the uppermost branches of the deceased tree. He was entranced and looked for footholds. He found some and immediately clambered up the trunk and onto a large branch. From the dizzying height of about a metre he looked at his parents, two metres below in the car park. As usual his father took a photograph and the boy rapidly became bored. He grinned at mum and dad and began bouncing up and down. Sadly, at this point, the fickle finger of fate struck and the ancient branch snapped dropping the boy two metres onto the gravelly car park. He cried his way to his mum with a grazed knee and a piece of forest rubbish which felt like a log stuck beneath his eyelid. However, with log removed, magic cream on his knee and a sweetie in his mouth he calmed down and they made their way home. Apparently the photograph still exists. Somewhere.

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