The old man was invited to the launch of Terry Pratchett’s last book The Shepherd’s Crown. He, his daughter, granddaughter and his daughters friend were going to spend the night in a small hotel after they had been to the launch. So naturally they met at the hotel and changed into the clothes they would wear on this interesting evening. They left the hotel and headed for the tube. The daughter dressed as the elf queen, the granddaughter as a Feegle which are small fiery pixies, the friend as Angua the werewolf guard and the old man as a priest of Om, He had considered being a vampire but he found that when he put the teeth in he could no longer speak. He wondered if his daughter might have preferred it.
As they crossed the road, near a coffee house, a female American patron sitting at a table commented, in a loud voice which could be heard at the far end of the road. “What a strange child.”
The man was tempted to reply that at least the child had manners. He refrained because they were out to enjoy their selves and his granddaughter was, indeed, wearing blue face paint, a red wig and a kilt.
They traveled on the underground where they met a man who was also going to the launch When they left the station they found the Waterstones easily. This was because there was a queue of people dressed as characters from the discworld novels. They joined the queue.
While they waited to go in, the spectacle of a large number of people dressed as witches, wizards, Igors, guards and of course Death, attracted interested tourists who wanted to know what was happening. Sadly most of them asked the old man. This was probably because he was wearing a fancy black coat and a top hat. Angua was interviewed by a Polish Radio reporter. This may have been because she was a good looking woman, dressed in a miniskirt, had yellow contact lenses and some beautiful tattoos.
They finally entered the building, obtained drinks and mingled. They took photographs and talked to the other guests. There were snacks and some very interesting conversations. the man had his photograph taken with Rincewind and guardsman fifteen.
At one point his daughter was interviewed by a reporter from the Evening Standard and the three of them had their photographs taken in front of a large copy of The Shepherd’s Crown.
Imagine, if you will, the mans surprise when the picture appeared the next day in the Evening Standard. Sadly he was unable to obtain a copy.
Unfortunately it was very, very hot and he needed to sit down but there weren’t many chairs for the two hundred people. His daughter confronted a man and insisted he get a chair for her aged father. He protested, she glared and he got a chair. Shortly afterwards the helpful man climbed onto the stage and delivered his speech. Later, when the books had been purchased, the mans daughter was still too embarrassed to ask the chair supplying celeb to sign their books.

Yes, it seems, every cloud has a lightening bolt to finish you off.

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