The man, his wife and daughter were on holiday and part of it was at Clacton. They They met a few more members of their family and set off for the beach.

His brother-in-law had, thoughtfully, brought an inflatable dinghy and a rather large outboard motor with him. They conveyed the water transport, lunch, wet suits, life jackets and people to the beach and put the boat together. This was necessary because the vessel was equipped with a wooden floor.

When the inflatable was fully assembled and seaworthy the brother-in-law took it for a test run, at a very impressive turn of speed. He was after all the only one who knew anything about boats. He returned just as rapidly and, generously, invited the man for a ride. The man clambered into the boat and his broth-in-law told him to “hang on,” he looked around and seized the only thing available. The available thing was a piece of rope, less than a metre in length, attached to the bow. In reality it was more like a very thick piece of string. The boat and crew roared away from the beach and into the waves. The first dozen or so weren’t too bad but as they accelerated they hit a rather larger one with somewhat interesting results.

The man who, while desperately clinging to the rope, had unfortunately neglected to brace himself in any fashion at all. So when they hit the wave the boat rose very rapidly and just as quickly dropped of the end of the wave. This left the man floating in the air on the end of a piece of string, reminiscent of a helium balloon.

Sadly, as he weighed a million times more than a balloon filled with helium gas, he descended. Rapidly. He connected with the wooden floor just as it commenced rising on the next wave. After the unpleasant thud his brother-in-law slowed down and returned him to the arms of his wife and daughter. That evening, as they stood around the barbecue drinking beer, his brother-in-law told him just how funny he had looked flying above the dinghy clinging to a bit of string. The man nodded, “I bet I did,” he said. “Mind you I didn’t laugh too much when I hit that deck.” He rubbed his back carefully, sipped his beer and said “at least I didn’t fall overboard.” They all laughed, even the man.

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