The young woman was duo for an interview at U.C.L. so she asked her father if he would go with her, at least as far as the university gates. He agreed and, as it was during the school holidays, he decided to take her fourteen year old brother. The three intrepid travellers arrived at the aforementioned university and went their separate ways. The eighteen year old girl went into the impressive building and the other two wandered off to the museum.

Man and boy browsed their way around the exhibits paying a great deal of attention to all types of weaponry. However when they reached the Sutton Hoo exhibition the man began studying a replica sword. He would have continued to do so had he not heard the voice of a female security guard saying, “please don’t swing the cauldron.” He looked around to find the said cauldron swaying back and forth and his son looking very guilty. He apologised to the guard and ushered the boy away from those particular exhibits. They continued browsing and eventually reached the Elgin Marbles and entered the enclosed area. They were greeted by the splendour of the wonderful carvings. The man slowly moved along, he was studying the carvings. He was very impressed even though he was not yet halfway along the beautiful pieces.

This reverie was however interrupted by the strident clamour of an alarm. He spun around just in time to see two security men starting to lurch forward and his son withdrawing his hand from the forbidden zone in front of the marbles. He apologised to the guards an escorted the boy away from the priceless panels. Many years later he looked back on that event filled day and decided, “all’s well that ends well.” Sadly he recalled that at the time he had been a little miffed with his son.

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